• 1. How does Vesta reduce the premiums?

    Insurers pay brokers a commission for new policies they introduce ranging between 10% and 200%. How much the commission is depends on the type of policy. Vesta negotiates the removal of between 50% and 70% of this commission in return for your permanent discount.  

  • 2. Can I get a lower cost if I contact the insurer directly?

    No. Vesta has removed the commission the insurer pays to reduce your premiums permanently (when allowed by the insurer). The insurer will not offer you these reduced premiums if you contact them direct. Not only that, you also get ongoing assistance and advice whenever you need it, absolutely free of charge. 

  • 3. Does Vesta help with any ongoing service?

    Yes. You receive all the follow up service you would expect from dealing with a premium brokerage. We will help get your cover accepted, help you with claims and provide annual reviews of your needs.

  • 4. What happens if a claim has to be made?

    If you need to make a claim, please contact us immediately. Your Vesta adviser can help with this. For medical insurance claims, most of our insurers allow pre-approval of claims, so please contact us as soon as your doctor recommends a procedure.

  • 5. Will I need to have a medical exam, or see my doctor?

    The majority of applicants are accepted based on the information they provide in their declaration of health. Sometimes the insurer will write to your doctor for more detailed information. This may involve a visit to your home or work by a registered nurse who’ll collect blood and other samples.

  • 6. Do I have to provide health evidence?

    With the exception of your application answers, you are unlikely to be asked for more health evidence.
    Insurers usually contact your GP directly for health information. It is very important that you disclose
    ALL relevant health information on your application, to ensure successful future claims. If in doubt, disclose it.

  • 7. How should I choose a policy?

    With decades of experience, we can help you to work out your priorities when it comes to insurance and can advise you on the very best insurer for your individual situation. We will always consider price, but other important things to think about include the financial strength of the insurer and the quality of the policy. We always use independent reseach to help in the selection process.

  • 8. What is the cost of using Vesta?

    Our service is free. We are paid a (reduced) commission by the insurer.

  • 9. Will my premium go up in the future?

    Yes, your premium increases each year in line with your age and (if you have selected this option), inflation. Some insurers have an option to pay a higher premium from the start, which stays the same for a set period of time (e.g. five years, ten years or even until age 100). Vesta can talk you through how this could save you money in the long term.

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